Moon neck tattoos

Air shipments are the most efficient if you need your cargo or documents to arrive quickly and securely. moon neck tattoos They are another way to show off a traditional design. But not because of this, it will be boring or meaningless, quite the opposite. The moon has endless designs that are always perfect to wear on our skin and more, if it is on the neck.

Because we will only have to adapt them to the area and that's it. In the same way, its meaning will not be altered by the place where we take it and that has many. Today we discover those designs that you always fall in love with, without leaving aside the symbols that the moon hides.

Moon neck tattoos, their great meanings

We started with one of the songs that we all hope to hear. In this case, we are going to read them so that they are well engraved, if you are thinking of getting tattoos on your moon neck.

The moon as a traditional symbol

It is considered a symbol of the past and also of that child that we all carry within us. For this reason, the first data of a certain influence on people are already in Egypt. They worshiped him because that way it was thought that their lives would get better, the same as their crops. So it is considered a unique and essential element that has a lot to say in our life to give us the great balance.

Magic symbol

Magic has also always been close to the moon. Therefore, it also has a meaning of mystery and magic where there are. It is said that when the sun goes down, the moon is the one who guides fantastic beings to live their own experiences.

half moon tattoo on neck

The moon and motherhood

It has always been said that it is one of the feminine symbols. Since while the sun represents the man, the moon would be the woman. But it is true that there are many men who also have a moon tattooed, because as we see it has more meanings and here the taste of each one enters. The protective action of the moon as well as its phases always It has been related to motherhood and also the family in general.

An expression of emotions

Moon tattoos are also perfect to highlight emotions. Each of the phases will represent a part of our life. For example, the full moon is synonymous with fullness and inner strength. While the crescent is the birth and the light, as well as the resurgence. Although the last quarter is the darkest and most hidden side that we can show. If you have a tattoo that encompasses all the lunar phases, then it may indicate life. That is, your birth, youth and maturity.

Moon phases tattoo

Moon tattoo designs on the neck

  • Moon and stars: When the moon is accompanied by other symbols, then its meaning still increases a little more. If we see it with a star, it comes to say that it highlights instincts such as strength or sexuality.
  • The moon and the sun: Another of the moon neck tattoo designs that we can find in this example. The moon and the sun are the 'Yin' and the 'Yang'. So when we are seen together, we will be talking about a balance.

Half moon with flowers tattoo

  • The moon and the flowers: In this case, it is a very beautiful tattoo and its meaning is based on nature. A process of regeneration, power and fertility.
  • The wolf and the Moon: Perhaps we have always seen this union in more discreet tattoos, but we could not miss another of the great companies that the moon can have. The wolf represents strength and courage, as well as bravery and communication.

Images: Pinterest, tattoofilter,, Etsy

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