Neck tattoos, do they hurt?

Neck tattoos

We are always thinking about pain. Of course, when we talk about getting a tattoo, it is totally logical. We like to wear these designs on our skin, that is very clear to us. But it is also true that on more than one occasion we give it a couple of laps before taking the step. Do neck tattoos hurt?.

It is an area that has more and more prominence to express our ideas. The neck is a perfect canvas for both symbols and small phrases and even a minimalist touch. In addition, within it, you can choose the side, front or the nape. What do you think is the most painful area to be tattooed?

Tattoos on the neck

You always have to stop and think what kind of design is for us and the area to choose. If you are clear that it is going to be the neck, the next step will be to decide in which part of it. Undoubtedly, one of these parts most chosen is the back or the neck. There are many famous and ordinary people who wear certain symbols or small geometric designs. Something very symbolic but always discreet.

Chinese letters neck tattoos

There are other designs that are captured from behind the ears and that go down the side of the neck. In this case, we can see them in both men and women. But it is true that in the former, because of the beard, it can be a bit more bothersome at the beginning of healing. So you should always leave it outdoors. Especially when it comes to a fairly wide design that touches the beard area. Otherwise, you will not have problems greater than a basic tattoo.

Do neck tattoos hurt?

You were already waiting for the question and as such, also the answer. The truth is that we never tire of saying that pain is something relative. More than anything because each person has a different pain threshold. What can be very painful for some, others tolerate it quite well. You have to know that the areas where the skin is thicker, will hurt less. On the contrary, when we get closer to parts with bone, then the pain will be a little more intense.

Neck Tattoos Designs

If we put a scale from 1 to 10, it must be said that tattoos on the neck will hurt about a 4. That is, it is not the worst pain. A medium pain, that if you choose a simple and discreet tattoo, you will surely tolerate it perfectly. But I insist, it will always depend on each one. It is only an approximation when speaking of a pain scale. Surely we will find testimonies to those who hardly hurt and others, who saw all the stars and some constellations. Yes that front of neck, may be more severe pain. Although if you didn't have this area in mind, you don't have to worry either. It is not common to choose this area for a first tattoo. However, it should be noted that if your design will be on the nape, then the pain level will still be lower than that mentioned.

Name tattoos on neck

Yes, the neck area or upper back It is between a two and a three of 10. So it is still better news than the previous one. So be prepared to experience discomfort but not severe pain. The healing process will take approximately three weeks. You will have to follow the instructions of the tattoo artist and clean the area as well as apply the recommended cream. You will see how quickly you forget everything related to pain and you will enjoy your perfect tattoo.

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