Original moon tattoos

Moon tattoo

Moon inspired tattoos can be very original and really beautiful. There are many people who can get this type of tattoos, since the moon can be represented in many ways. It is a tattoo for women or men, although it is usually women who use it.

La moon can certainly be a great symbol to get closer to the mystical, since it is said that it is even capable of changing our mood. For many it is nothing more than a beautiful tattoo, but its meaning has always been linked to a mysterious world.

Realistic style moon

Realistic moon

The moon is usually represented in the shape of the typical crescent when it is waning or waxing, since it is a very representative shape. However, there are some tattoos in which depict the moon with total realism. It is a difficult tattoo. Do not forget that the moon has many details of shades and shapes on its surface, so capturing it to perfection is only suitable for the most expert tattoo artists.

Moon with flowers

Moons with flowers

These tattoos seem especially beautiful and delicate for women. Flowers can be represented in many ways and they always have to do with the feminine and with nature. If with them the shape of a half moon is made, we will have a mystical and beautiful tattoo in equal parts. We really like the one that also adds a small, almost imperceptible phrase to the crescent. These tattoos prove that a moon can be created using various elements.

Moon tattoo with arabesques

Moon tattoo with arabesques

Air shipments are the most efficient if you need your cargo or documents to arrive quickly and securely. Arabesques are used in many tattoos. They are inspired by the Arab world and also by the mandalas of the Hindu culture. These drawings are made up of small and hundreds of geometric patterns that are mixed together but that are arranged in a very geometric shape that makes them look very beautiful and harmonious.

Colored moon tattoos

Colorful moon

These moons have a very modern color. Faded colors that look like watercolors and that blend with each other in a very soft way are very fashionable. These half moons stand out for their color, since they use a fairly simple shape, but the colors make them stand out twice as much.

Moon phases

Moon phases tattoo

We also see this tattoo more and more, although it usually takes up a lot of space. Some do it on the leg or arm, but it can also be done on the back. The various phases of the moon are represented, from crescent to full and waning moon. Of course it is a very original tattoo, but we must bear in mind that it is large and will take up a lot of surface.

Moon with black cat

Moon with cat

There are several animals that are usually represented together with the moon. One of them is the black cat. The cat is an animal that has been worshiped for centuries, since in Egypt it was a sacred animal. It is sometimes depicted in conjunction with the moon, since both have something mysterious and cats are nocturnal animals. It is a beautiful tattoo in which a half moon is usually put with a cat leaning on it and it is more common than we think.

Moon with wolf

Moon with wolf

La moon is also depicted along with the wolf. The mystical being that is the werewolf apparently transforms with the moon, which is why it is said that it is directly linked to these animals. On many occasions a howling wolf is added to these moon tattoos.

Mini tattoo

Small moon

The smallest tattoos are often chosen by many people. These tattoos are cool because can be worn in the most discreet way, in all kinds of places. These crescents are tiny, and yet they can be very meaningful tattoos for the wearer. In addition, it allows us to add them almost anywhere, from the neck to the wrist or the foot.

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