Do tattoos on the ribs hurt a lot?

tattoo on the rib model cover

Rib tattoos are very popular in both men and women, especially for tattooing quotes or phrases that range from under the arm to the hip. One good thing about getting rib tattoos is that you can hide it whenever you want and it will never affect your career in the professional world. Rib tattoos are also easy to teach whenever you want to, especially when you are doing sports with little clothes or in the pool.

People can choose any type of rib tattoo because it is very attractive and they are also usually very significant. Both for the size and the detail it is usually an important experience for the tattoo artist, and it is that what especially affects it may be the pain, because ... does a tattoo on the ribs really hurt?

Do rib tattoos hurt?

Rib tattoos

Yes, A rib tattoo hurts and anyone who tells you otherwise is lying to you. In the ribs there are nerves and therefore it hurts. The ribs are considered one of the most painful places to get a tattoo because the skin is thin and is directly over the bones. This means that each tattoo on the ribs can become unbearable and it will depend on the tolerance to pain that you have that you can endure it better or worse.

People who generally have a high intolerance to pain will most likely be able to get a rib tattoo without much difficulty. On the other hand, a person who has a low tolerance for pain is likely to consider whether they really want the tattoo in this place or the size of it.

If you want to get a tattoo and it is the first, I advise you to look for another area of ​​your body to be able to tattoo it and in this way you can experience what that pain is and thus you can assess whether it really is for you or not.

Why a tattoo on the ribs?

Rib tattoos

Although there are many parts of the body that can have great advantages for our tattoos, the ribs take the first place.

  • The ribs support all kinds of designs. On the one hand, it is a perfect area to let ourselves be carried away by the imagination. So, we can opt for those larger drawings that we cannot do in other areas. In this case, we have a large part of the body, which will leave us many options for very successful designs.
  • The designs will have a much more natural air. In this area, we can add more reality to each of the illusions we have. There will be no limits and that is good when it comes to showing off a tattoo.
  • It will not be that easy for everyone to see. You can cover it whenever you want and show it when you feel like it the most. It is an area that you can cover when needed, so no one has to know that you have a tattoo on your ribs.
  • The tattoos on the sides they will still look prettier than in other areas. Yes, although it seems incredible, it is said that tattoos in color, they will always stand out much more in the ribs than in any other part of the body. So, if you had a design with a floral-type color combination in mind, don't doubt that it is one of the best choices you can make. This is due to the precision of the stroke. So, a large part of the tattoos for this area are floral, animal or with details such as feathers, but always with a lot of color.

Symbolism of tattoos on the ribs

Feather tattoo on the ribs

Each of the tattoos you choose for this area will have its own meaning. We know that this is something very personal and that it will always be typical of the chosen design in question. But today we talk about the fact that this area also has great symbolism.

  • Many people choose this area of ​​the body to get tattooed, since many people associate it with the creation of the first woman. One of the main parts for Eva was the rib. That is why it is believed that this area is one of the protagonists and to take into account before the decision.
  • Both men and women, the tattoos on the ribs look so sexy. Regardless of the design chosen, the most sensual factor will be seen above all things.
  • The drawings in the form of amulets They are one of the great bases to finish tattoos like this one. From elephants, which represent the beginning of a new life, to phrases or mandalas.

Meaning of the tattoo on the ribs

Flower tattoo on the ribs

If we are already seeing how tattoos on the sides have many virtues, as well as symbolism, now we are going to see how the great meanings also accompany us. Although, once again we insist that there are many drawings that you can choose from, here we tell you the most common for this area. Do any of them define you?

  • Fountain Pens: One of the designs that we see on numerous occasions are feathers. Like the birds they represent freedom. Choose all kinds of designs and more, colors.
  • Nature: Everything that has to do with nature, is linked to life. One without the other would not make sense, so what better theme to always wear on our skin.
  • Phrases: Always choose a phrase that defines you, identifies you and is not too big. It is a way of saying a lot, but with few words.
  • lotus flower: If you want to turn your life around and live in the present, then the lotus flower will be at your disposal. A meaning to live again.
  • branches: we return to nature, but in a more concrete way. It is a way of saying that we are growing over time but that we always have to maintain our origin, our roots.
  • Yin Yang: Duality is another of the tattoo meanings. We have seen this symbol on numerous occasions, so it was also very much needed on the ribs.
  • Horseshoe: Good luck will go hand in hand with horseshoes. You can cover it with other details but without a doubt, it is another of the great elements to tattoo ourselves in this area.

How to reduce pain in tattoos?

Cross tattooed on the ribs

As we have well commented, these tattoos hurt, but it will always depend on each person. That is why to cope with pain, we must remember that it will always be better to start with a small tattoo. In addition, tattoos that have only one ink will also be less painful than those that have a combination of colors.

It is best to speak clearly with the person who is going to tattoo you. In this way, he can also reassure you and be attentive at all times. You can take something that relaxes you. There are people who feel better chewing gum or listening to their favorite music, as long as it does not disturb the tattoo artist. Try to eat something before the session and always wear comfortable clothes for it. Control breathing it can also help us. To do this, when we feel the most intense pain, we will exhale. Ask for a break to be able to be a quiet time and you will see how quickly time passes and you will be able to show off your new tattoo in a matter of minutes.

Rib tattoos, are they deformed?

Tattoo on the ribs that is deformed

There are many doubts that arise every time we get a tattoo. One of them is know if tattoos on the ribs are deformed. Well, the body can undergo numerous changes throughout our lives, whether due to weight gain or loss, pregnancy and other skin problems. All of them can affect the tattoo in question, depending on the specific area where it is located.

When we talk about pregnancy or weight gain it has to be something very considerable to be able to talk about deformation in the tattoo. That is, if you have a fairly drastic change, of more than 17 kilos, then it may be that your tattoo suffers some deformation. The foot stretches or shrinks and with it our design. But it is not the most common either. It does not mean that your tattoo will remain deformed forever, since when you return to your normal weight you will see how nothing seems to have changed.

Other times it no longer depends on weight gain but on skin care. We must apply a lot of hydration to it. In this way, in the face of sudden changes in weight, we will avoid the appearance of stretch marks. They can also be the cause of certain deformations, but logically it will not only be in the rib area. In addition, it is said that the designs that can tend to deform are those that have straight lines. But as we well commented, it is not something that happens frequently. So this does not prevent us from continuing to choose the best designs to translate them into the ribs.

Photos of tattoos on the ribs

Below you have an extensive gallery of images of tattoos on the ribs so you can see how they are and you can get ideas for yours.

Arrow tattoos on ribs
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