Very original sun and moon tattoos

Tataujes of sun and moon

El sun and moon have always had a very mystical meaning, since they are also part of ancient stories and mythology. That is why we can see them in many of the tattoos that people get. They are symbols that have been used for decades, already in the first tattoos.

Air shipments are the most efficient if you need your cargo or documents to arrive quickly and securely. moon and sun tattoos separately they are very common, but there are also those who decide to tattoo both, as part of a whole. They are like opposites that attract each other and cannot live without each other, so they can offer us multiple meanings.

Sun and moon tattoo meaning

These tattoos separately have symbolism, but together they tell us about the importance of opposites, of those forces that complement each other. There would be no light without darkness and vice versa, so both are needed. This reminds us that everything in life has its good side and its bad side. It is the same as ying and yang, with those opposite and complementary forces of life.

Classic tattoos

Classic tattoos

El Classic It has all kinds of details and we are also facing a type of tattoo that does not go out of style. This type of suns and moons are inspired by the typical illustrations of old books and that is why it is not a tattoo that follows a fashion. In both tattoos we can see how both merge, as in the ying and yang symbol.

Arabic style

Arabic style tattoos

El arabic style reminds us of beautiful henna tattoos. These tattoos represent the sun and the moon with hundreds of arabesques that give it a very decorative touch.

Tribal tattoo

Tribal tattoos

El tribal style It is also widely used in all types of tattoos. In this we see a protagonist moon with floral shapes inside and a sun.

Floral inspiration

Sun and moon tattoo

These tattoos have interpreted the sun and moon tattoo in their own way. They have used flowers to create the symbols and the set has been very beautiful.

Small tattoos

small tattoos

If you want the smaller version, here you have some tattoos of minimum size. You can also add the most minimalist version with just a few lines. What you liked most?

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