Wolf howling at the moon, its symbolism across cultures

When we think animal tattoos, there is one that always comes to mind. The wolf howling at the moon it is one of the most common motifs and designs. So much so that we can appreciate them in both men and women and in the most unsuspected areas of the body.

So it is today, we will tell you what are their great meanings and symbolisms across different cultures. Many of them are sure to surprise you. It is clear that the wolf has been the protagonist of numerous legend and tales. An animal with many qualities and not everything is negative. Discover them!

Wolf tattoos, what is their meaning?

If we had to answer this question in one sentence, we couldn't. Undoubtedly, there are many answers that we can give you and all of them based on previous cultures, where each one drew a meaning as well as symbolisms for the design of a wolf.


This is one of the symbols of Native American Indians. For them, the wolf symbolized protection and guidance as well as the nobility, as they regarded him as a guardian. Of course, it did not always have this positive meaning.

Axis of evil

If we go back in time, there was a time when it was thought that the wolf was an envoy of Satan. Therefore, it attracted bad luck and of course, it was not seen well at all because it indicated that something bad was about to happen.


We cannot forget that the meaning of wisdom. Perhaps because of his way of surviving and because he always has the perfect strategy to fight and win, as well as being a perfect spiritual guide.


Another of the most characteristic meanings of this animal is its symbolism with family. We know that they hunt to feed all their members. They are also experts to search for food and to give shelter and protection to their own. In addition, here we can mention the history of Rome that was founded thanks to the fact that Romulus and Remus were fed by a she-wolf.

Wolf howling at the moon

If we already know that this animal has several meanings in itself, when it meets the moon, it adopts new ones again. Between the two, there is a unique connection that is represented in this way. The wolf howling at the moon is a tattoo symbolizing femininity as well as birth. It is a way of asking the moon (woman) for more power to protect her family. Of course it is not the only meaning that we find.

On the other hand, a design like this can also symbolize the power and communication. This is because when the wolf howls at the moon he is calling out to the rest of the pack. This will mark its territory, since it is always the so-called alpha wolf who makes this sound. In some cultures it is believed that the wolf really is a moon creature. Hence there are so many stories about the transformations of this animal. However in all of them, it does not get rid of the most negative part. Because also the concept of death is attributed to him. It would not be the first time we have heard how someone comments that the howl of a wolf is that death is near.

As we say, the meanings about this tattoo are many and varied. Although it should be noted that the most used is that of guide and protector of yours, as well as femininity if the moon is present. Only you can choose a meaning if you are going to get a design like this tattooed. Which of these would you choose? If you want to see more wolf tattoos, enter the link that we just left you.

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