Zen symbol tattoos, representing perfection and spiritual calm

Tattoo on chest

Zen symbol tattoos can feature a lot of elements such as buddhas, flowers, lotus or mandalas, all very characteristic of Buddhism and Asian culture, in which things are taken in a much calmer way.

Now, We will talk about the meaning of the most important of these symbols, the japanese enso circle tattoos, as well as briefly of other elements, besides giving you a lot of ideas so that you can be inspired in your next piece.

The enso, the zen circle

Within the oriental culture and especially the Japanese, there are numerous symbols that over the centuries have transcended and today, they are known (or at least recognizable) around the world. And the thing is that today we want to talk about what a circle can represent. That's right, a simple, straightforward circle. In Japanese culture the word "enso" means circle and it is just that. In this culture it is used to represent Zen And that is what we will talk about today. Zen symbol tattoos come to represent the enso.

Monk facing enso


Calm, perfection and enlightenment are some of the values ​​that the tattoos of the Zen symbol represent. Within the world of yoga or Buddhism, this symbol comes to help us grow spiritually. Therefore, it is not surprising that many people decide to tattoo the zen circle in different representations. The circle represents the closed and the perfect.

Thailand tattoo on chest

Evidently We must also take into account the simplicity that this geometric shape represents. For the Japanese the enzo symbol is also associated with the balance of mind and body. Although and as you can see below, the tattoos of the Zen symbol have little or nothing to do with a circle. Yes, they keep the essential shape, but it differs quite a bit from what you can imagine.

Other zen symbols

Small lotus flower

Although the enso certainly deserves its own space in this article of zen symbol tattoos for its beauty and versatility, there are many other symbols to which we can associate calm and enlightenment.

Among the most popular, for example, we can find lotus flowers, mandalas, buddhas or even sak yant tattoos, all recover that spiritual calm of enso tattoos, although with other equally interesting symbols.

Zen symbol tattoo ideas

Black and white mandala tattoo


Here we put you some examples of zen symbol tattoos So that you can see the design and the place that you like the most, let's get to the point:

Enso on the back

Enso on the back


This is done in the middle of the back, between the shoulder blades. The truth is that it is a bit painful place, but if you are sure you like it, go ahead. As you see, follows the style of most enso tattoos. These are circles that are not completely closed and the design seems to be made with a brush used for traditional Japanese calligraphy. The truth is that they are very beautiful and elegant.

Lotus flower on the arm

Lotus flower tattoo


But since zen tattoos live not only from the enso symbol you can opt for a very colorful lotus flower like this. The arm is a good place to get a tattoo, it is not excessively painful and it gives you a lot of visibility.

Sak yant for protection

Sak yant back tattoo

You also have the Thai Sak Yant tattoos, which are done for protection and their meaning, not for mere aesthetic reasons. This type is known as Paed Tidt, and it provides protection against people with bad intentions. It can be tattooed on the back, like this case. The chest and thigh would also be ideal sites.

Colorful mandala

Color mandala tattoo


Another type of tattoo that could come under Zen's consideration are the mandalas, which in Sanskrit means 'circle' and whose designs are based on a structure of concentric pieces. This one in particular is a fairly simple and colorful design that could look good anywhere.

Full color buddha

Color buddha tattoo


Since we talked about zen symbol tattoos we could not stop mentioning Buddha. In this case we have to the character, in black and white, occupies almost the entire arm. The flowers, with very bright colors, give it a very cool touch and make the piece stand out even more.

Beautiful zen circle on the nape

Circle on the back


Another example of a tattoo of the zen symbol on the back, although this it is a little closer to the neck and, curiously, the circle closes on the left. A very simple design but that punctures very well, especially if you know how to take advantage of the brushstroke effect.

Lilac lotus flower

Lilac lotus flower


Another very Zen and Buddhist motif, this time in the lower back, and in purple. The waves above symbolize the ascension to enlightenment, making it an ideal design among zen symbol tattoos.

Another sak yant, this one with tantras

Sak yant arm tattoo

This type of traditional Thai tattoo is known as Hah Taew, which are about Buddhist tantras that provide protection. Since it is usually a vertical tattoo, it can look good on the forearm, chest, upper arm and thigh.

Black and white mandala

Mandala on the arm

Here we have another mandala, in this case it is in black and white and a little more complex than the previous one. As you can see, this color combination allows the design to be more intricate and hypnotic, which is also a good option. In addition, thanks to its shape and versatility, it could be tattooed anywhere.

Black and white buddha

Buddha arm tattoo


And to keep the black and white mandala company, a very Zen Buddha on the arm, accompanied by a clock on the other arm, with two simple notes of color. It is a very effective and realistic design in which the Buddha's face of serenity is very successful, something vital in a tattoo of these characteristics.

Traditional tattoo with lotus flower

Sak yant lotus flower tattoo

Finally, sak yant can also be combined with other typical zen elements, for example a lotus flower like this. The red and black combination is simply gorgeous, and makes the two elements (letter and flower) stand out as much on their own as a unitary design.

Modern mandala

Modern mandala tattoo


Moving away from the zen style we find mandalas with a somewhat more modern style, like this piece. It seems that it is not so full of details but it takes advantage of it to leave empty areas and that give it that more groundbreaking aesthetic (never rather said). It seems quite small, and as with the other mandalas it could go well anywhere.

Tibetan tattoo


Do you want to get a zen tattoo? Has this post served you? If you have any questions, comments or ideas, you have the comment box below to let us know.

Photos of Zen Symbol Tattoos

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