Nat Cerezo

Fan of the neo-traditional style and weird and geeky tattoos, there is nothing like a piece with a good story behind it. Since I am incapable of drawing anything more complicated than a stick figure, I have to settle for reading, writing about them... and having them made for me, of course. Proud bearer of six (way of seven) tattoos. The first time I got a tattoo, I wasn't able to look. Last time, I fell asleep on the stretcher. I love discovering the meaning and origin of the tattoos I see, and learning about the different cultures and traditions that have inspired them. I also like to share my experiences and tips on tattoo care and healing, and recommend the best artists and studios I know. My dream is to travel the world and collect tattoos of different styles and places. I believe that tattoos are a form of expression and art, and that each one has a story to tell.