Bay Leaf Tattoos: Ideas You'll Love

Large tattoo with bay leaves


Bay leaf tattoos can be amazing, but they can also be discreet, happy, solemn, in black and white, in color, on the ankle, on the chest… There are so many possibilities, and they are all so interesting, that it is difficult to choose one.

Por eso We have prepared this post with the best laurel leaf tattoo ideas. So you will surely find your favorite and, in addition, we have divided them into practical subcategories so that you can find them quickly, for example, by style, if they use color or not, and the part of the body where they can be placed. We also recommend that you read this other complementary article on the history of the Laurel wreath in the form of a tattoo.

bay leaves style

A small laurel wreath behind the ear


The style that the laurel leaves follow can give it the touch that you need the most or that calls you the most in a tattoo. For example, it is not the same, and of course they do not transmit the same thing, the thick stroke of the traditional style than the fine design of the minimalist style.

realistic style

Realistic laurel tattoo on the neck


The realistic style looks great on laurel, as the leaves, plants, and flowers really do look great in any style. To be realistic, the leaves do not have to be all the same, but each one has to have its own characteristics, its position...

Traditional cut blades

The traditional style looks great on this type of tattoo


The traditional style looks great for designs old school like a laurel wreath. You can accompany the leaves of other elements, like the brain of the photo, although the real crux of the matter is that it follows the typical parameters of this style: thick lines and dense colors.

Minimalist laurel tattoo

Simple bay leaf tattoos are characterized by fine lines


Instead, the minimalist style is almost the antithesis of the traditional, since it is distinguished by having very fine lines and muted colors. Another thing to keep in mind with tattoos of this style, which tend to be quite small, is that they do not get lost in too large a place on your body, so it is vital to place them in naturally framed areas such as the ankle, the wrist, the back of the ear, the neck...

Color or black and white?

Simple bay leaf tattoo


Both options are equally as cool., although, as always, everything will depend on what you want to convey with the tattoo.

In black and white

Laurel wreath tattoos look great on the arm


Black and white bay leaf tattoos have a more understated style and they are ideal for styles such as realistic or simple or minimalist, since they can also be very elegant. The trick is not only knowing how to capture the leaves, but also knowing how to play with the shadows, so a tattoo artist specialized in naturalistic illustration is the most suitable.

In color

A little color can enhance the design


When we talk about color in bay leaf tattoos we are not referring to a very bright color, nor very bizarre: the dull green is characteristic of these plants. A touch of color can give warmth and veracity to the design, in addition, it is very cool contrasted with other colors such as the red or purple of some berries, for example.

Where are these types of tattoos better?

The elbow is an ideal place to wrap with the design


Bay leaf tattoos look pretty good in a lot of places, since the shape is quite versatile (for example, it can be in the shape of a crown, a branch...) and can be adapted to many parts of the body. Among the most popular and interesting we find:

Laurel wreath on the neck

On the back you can opt for a double design


the neck is one of the most popular places to get a bay leaf tattoo, especially in the form of a crown, since its rounded shape looks wonderful. You can make a rather small design and more located in the neck part or opt for a larger one and in the back part.

laurel on the chest

Minimalist tattoo combined with dotted, very delicate and elegant


Another of the star places where to place a laurel leaf tattoo is on the chest, since in this place the designs with both a laurel wreath and simply a branch or leaves look great, you just have to know how to fit it . In the case of crowns, they tend to be placed on the heart, while the branches usually come out from behind the shoulders or below the clavicle.

Bay leaves on arms and legs

Bay leaf tattoo used as a fill


Something similar to what happens with the chest happens in the extremities of the body: we can opt for both a laurel wreath and branches.

It is common to wrap arms and legs with bay leaves


In the case of crowns, they can be located in places such as the forearm, biceps or the back of the arm and, in the case of the legs, in the twins or in the thighs. Instead, the branches and leaves tend to be positioned as if they are coiled up the length of the arm or leg, which adds a lot of play as the tattoo can appear to move.

The knee is also a naturally round place that looks great


Laurels in small places

A small laurel wreath behind the ear


To finish, if we want a very very small tattoo, it is best to place it in an area where it fits naturally, as we said in the case of minimalist tattoos, such as the ankle, the wrist, the part behind the ear, the fingers... However, It is also quite common for these tattoos to be part of the background that unites one piece with another.. The best thing in these cases is simply to ask the tattoo artist for advice.

The realism lies not only in the appearance, but also in the shading


We hope that you have enjoyed this article with lots of bay leaf tattoo ideas and that you have found designs that inspire you. Tell us, do you have any tattoos like these? What does the laurel symbolize for you? Do you have an idea you want to share with us?

Photos of laurel leaf tattoos

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