Chameleon tattoos to make you feel special

Chameleon on the shoulder with orchid

Chameleon tattoos, among the lizard tattoos, they show a most curious animal, a small lizard, in some species with large bulging eyes, and characterized by being able to blend in with its environment.

In this article on chameleon tattoos, we will delve into the fascination of these curious animals, we will see what meaning they are associated with and we will see a few ideas to make your tattoo unique and original. Keep reading!

The fascination for the chameleon

Tribal style chameleon on the shoulder


Within the animal kingdom and especially that of reptiles, If there is an animal that is characterized by attracting our attention, it is the chameleon. Although within the reptile family there are many very picturesque animals, the chameleon (although we know practically everything about it) continues to attract our attention due to its ability to blend in with its surroundings. That is why, due to these characteristics, I have encouraged myself to make a small compilation of chameleon tattoos.

Pink design going up the leg


Its long curled tail, the telescopic tongue that shoots out to catch insects or its eyes These are some of the elements of this animal that captivate us when we see it in documentaries on television or live, since every day that passes more people are encouraged to have it as a pet. Now, what can lead a person to get a chameleon tattoo? We go on to comment and delve into the symbolism and meaning that is given to the chameleon in different cultures.

Meaning of chameleon tattoos

A chameleon on a tattooed hand

What do chameleon tattoos mean? As we have mentioned previously, the chameleon as such is a symbol of transformation and versatility. This is due to the qualities and characteristics of this reptile well known to all of us. The chameleon is also associated with survival, patience, and contemplation due to its character and movement.

Simple tribal style chameleon

Moreover, in different ancient cultures it has been commented that the chameleon is capable of seeing both the past and the future. This is due to their eyes capable of moving each independently in different directions.

How to take advantage of a chameleon tattoo

The chameleon's tongue is one of its characteristics


To take advantage of chameleon tattoos, it is best to take into account your physique. For example, most specimens are distinguished by:

  • Have them bulging eyes. In a tattoo it gives game for each one to look from their side (one of the characteristics of this animal).
  • Power change color. As you will see in the tattoo ideas that we are going to give you later, it is a very interesting letter to get a unique tattoo, for example, with several different colored chameleons, with only one blending on the outside ...
  • A very long tail. In a tattoo you can take advantage of it by curling it in a tree, on itself ...
  • A equally long tongue. The most characteristic thing about the tongue is that it ends in the shape of a pyramid and that the food sticks to the tip. It is ideal for tattoos where you want to show some movement.
  • La chameleon pose It is also something to take into account when showing it in a tattoo, for example, standing still in a tree while camouflaging, sticking out the tongue ...

Look at the illustrations like this to get to know this animal in detail

Chameleon tattoo ideas

The tribal style is hypnotic and very cool


Now, We give you a few ideas to inspire you in your next design and your chameleon is the coolest. There are a lot of possibilities!

Tribal chameleon

Tribal chameleon, one of the kings of this design


One of the kings of chameleon tattoos is tribal designs. And it is that these animals, typical of exotic and paradisiacal places, are very present in certain cultures of the south. In a tattoo of this style, you can take the opportunity to show the color change of these animals only with hypnotic patterns in black and white, they look great.

Chameleon camouflaging tattoos

A camouflaging chameleon can inspire you

The activity that most distinguishes this animal is, obviously, its power of camouflage, which as we said before is closely linked to your power of adaptation. For this reason, and especially if you are interested in transmitting this meaning, a design that plays with the colors of the chameleon's skin to show that it is camouflaging can be very good.

Realistic chameleon tattoo

A realistic chameleon with hibiscus


To show this precious animal in all its splendor, nothing like a realistic tattoo. You can show it changing color or even accompany it with another element, for example, a flower. If you choose to portray the chameleon with its characteristic green color, choose a flower, for example, pink so that the green is not so dull and thus stands out even more.

Chameleons inspired by children's illustrations

Children's illustration with very cute chameleon


A chameleon is also an ideal candidate to star in a tattoo inspired by children's illustrations. His physical characteristics (eyes, tongue and tail), exaggerated, give a lot of play to create a fun character that looks great in a more casual piece. Make it black and white for a classic touch or color for more fun.

Chameleon on the foot

Chameleon tattooed on the foot


The foot is one of the star places to get chameleon tattoos. The shape of the foot itself favors showing the animal in natural postures, for example, crawling forward and sticking out the tongue. The most common pieces are tribal style.

Chameleon border

A chameleon bracelet is very original


A good way to show the large number of colors that distinguish these animals is to choose to make a border of chameleons, each with a different color. For a fun touch, show them with their legs open and chain them like a bracelet around the wrist, ankle or arm.

Chameleon on the arm

Chameleon on the arm, watch the tail curl


The arm, like the foot, is also an ideal place to represent this animal. Being thinner than the leg, it can represent the bug by wrapping its tail around your wrist, for example. Another option is to go for a smaller design and place it on the forearm or wrist.

Chameleon tattoos in nature

Illustration of a chameleon in its natural environment


Although you can represent your chameleon more alone than one, it will also be very cool if you represent it in its natural environment. For example, you can screw it on a branch, portray it by sticking out your tongue, hunting a bug ...

Colored tribal chameleon

Tribal chameleon with simple shapes and a splash of color


Chameleon tattoos and other tribal-style lizards are the most common, so you may want to give it an original touch by opting for a colored tribal. In that case, rather than a design based on a series of hypnotic lines in black and white, you can show a stylized figure of the chameleon (in the image, for example, the eyes have been highlighted in red, a curled tail and simple motifs in blue ).

Realistic style tattoo


Chameleon tattoos are very curious and look great in various styles, although the most popular seems to be tribal. Tell us, do you have any tattoos of this animal? How about? Where would you get it? Remember that you can tell us what you want, for this, you just have to write us a comment!

Photos of Chameleon Tattoos

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