Daisy tattoos: collection of designs and meanings

Beautiful realistic black and white daisy

Daisy tattoos are a very interesting option for those who want to capture a flower on their body. It is a type of plant that is well known globally, both for its shape and its color.

It is because of that, taking into account its popularity, we have decided to dedicate a new article in Tatuantes to the daisy tattoos. Are you thinking of getting a daisy tattoo? What we will see along the following lines of text will be of interest to you, so read on to find out more!

Meaning of daisy tattoos

Yellow daisies symbolize joy


One of the most relevant points of daisy tattoos is its deep symbolic charge and meaning. Although we talk about it in Another item, it is the perfect time to revert to the subject of what daisy tattoos mean.

Legends and symbolism of the daisy

Daisy tattoo on arm

First, we must know that this flower is associated with several ancient cultures like the Nordic, Celtic or Roman.

Eg for the Norse it is the sacred flower of Freya, the goddess of love and fertility, that is why this plant has a very feminine connotation. On the other hand, for the ancient Celts it has a rather sad meaning, since they believed that when a child died the gods made daisies sprout from the earth to encourage the parents.

Daisy tattoo on finger


For the Romans it had a meaning related to purity and transformation. One of its legends states that Vertumnus, god of vegetation, fell in love with the beautiful nymph Belides, who transformed into a daisy to escape the clutches of the heavy Vertumnus. It is a legend very similar to that of Apollo and Daphne, who also transformed into a plant (in her case the laurel) to flee from her pursuer.

A daisy drawn on the wrist

By the way, the tradition of plucking the petals of the daisy To see if someone likes us or not has its roots in mathematics, since daisies follow the Fibonacci pattern in their petals, so some have an even number and others have an odd number, it depends on which one we choose. That is why daisies have also become a symbol of romantic love.

Two realistic daisies on the arm

Finally, the daisy flower represents innocence and purity for Christianity, possibly due to a mixture of all the pagan legends that we have just told you.

In short, and because of all these beliefs, Daisy tattoos generally symbolize beauty, love, youth, happiness and femininity.

Meaning of daisies according to their color

Colorful daisies, each with a different meaning


Now, to know the true meaning of daisy tattoos it is very useful pay attention to its color, since each one has a different symbolism associated with it:

  • Red daisies: Energy and audacity.
  • Yellow daisies: Joy and intelligence.
  • Blue daisies: Emotions and sensitivity.
  • White daisies: Innocence and purity.

Keys and ideas for daisy tattoos

Unalome with a daisy on the tip

One of the keys to daisy tattoos - like that of others flower tattoos- is his diversity and different possibilities when creating a design. We can simply tattoo the daisy flower, a complete plant or combine it with some other type of element. In the daisy tattoo gallery that accompanies this article you can get ideas for your next tattoo and now we will also give you a few ideas.

Realistic daisy

A simple but very cool tattoo


Clearly one of the most appreciated designs for daisy tattoos is possibly one of these flowers in all its splendor, that is, in a realistic style. You can choose a color or black and white design, the important thing is that the detail is thought to a minimum, for example, with well-made shadows that give depth to the plant.

Daisy with cross

Express your faith with a daisy and cross tattoo


If you want something more spiritual and simple you can choose a tattoo that combines this flower with a religious symbol. If you do it with a cross, like the one in the photo, for example, you will be transmitting the Christian symbolism associated with the daisy (innocence and purity).

Daisy with other flowers

Outlined composition with lots of flowers


Daisies can work alone, but accompanied they are also wonderful. In addition to transmitting a lot of different meanings (according to each flower), a realistic style is highly recommended and, if you opt for color, someone who knows how to handle them well or it can be a bit chaotic.

Daisy tattoo on arm

Original red daisy tattoo on the arm


Because of the shape of this flower, a piece on the arm is ideal. Opt for a rather large design, like the one in the photo, full of details and with a very personal twist (the daisy is upside down and is red) to make it a different and original tattoo.

Woman with wreath of daisies

Daisies go well with other elements, like this lady


For those who want a more imaginative design, daisy tattoos can be combined with other elements, for example, a woman. The success of the tattoo in the photo is that the style is very cool and consistent with the theme of the tattoo, since it is traditional, and the touch of bluish color of the flowers.

Daisy with skull

Skull tattoo with daisy and rose for an original twist


And we continue with the combined designs, in this case, accompanied by a skull and a rose, two of the most common elements in tattoos. When combined with the margarita, a more original touch is given to the piece. There are other options that start from the same theme, for example, decorating the skull in the Mexican style.

Simple flower

A simple daisy on the ankle

However, sometimes the classics work best, and taking into account the meaning of the daisies, a simple design, in black and white, can convey humility and discretion. Plus, it looks great in small places like the wrist or ankle.

Flower with letters

Design that combines the flower with letters


Another very interesting option in daisy tattoos is take advantage of the stylized shape of the stem to accompany the flower with some letters or a phrase that has a very special meaning. The result is a delicate tattoo that looks good almost anywhere.

Daisy on the shoulder

Daisy on the shoulder, combined with other plants gives game


How can you imagine flower tattoos on the shoulder are an ideal place. The shape of the flower is perfect and the shoulder will give it added depth, but it can also be combined with other elements (flowers, ferns) to build a larger and more appealing piece.

Daisy with heart

A daisy with a heart, symbol of love


Finally, a daisy accompanied by a heart in the center is another example of the romantic symbolism of this flower. Choose a color other than white for the petals, as in the photo, to give an original twist to their meaning.

A yellow daisy, also a symbol of intelligence

We hope you enjoyed this article on daisy tattoo symbolism and ideas. Tell us, do you have a similar tattoo? Do you think we have forgotten to convey any meaning? Let us know in the comments!

Photos of Daisy Tattoos

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