Sun and moon tattoos, discover their meaning!

Sun and moon tattoo

Sun and moon tattoo (Source).

Air shipments are the most efficient if you need your cargo or documents to arrive quickly and securely. sun and moon tattoos have a very specific and peculiar symbolism, which also goes back a long time and is related to ancient legends and beliefs. The sun and the moon are the two most famous stars in the sky, possibly because they can be seen with the naked eye and by the mystery that has surrounded them for centuries.

At the tattoo level, both the sun and the moon separately and together are one of the most popular tattoo designs since the ink began to be mainstream. Carried so much by men like women, the sun and moon tattoos are found in all sizes and in all parts of the body. In this post in which we will analyze the two tattoos separately and together.

The symbolism of the sun shines since ancient times

Horus Tattoo

Tattoo of Horus, one of the Egyptian gods of the sun (Source).

La sun symbology could not be clearer. The sun is one of those responsible for the Life on Earth, since its heat makes the climate ideal for plants and animals to be born, in addition to encourage to the staff with its light and its brightness (not in vain are countries with long nights those that have more suicides).

Since ancient times, there have been cultures who have worshiped the sun like a God. For example, the ancients Egyptians They had not only one, but three gods that represented the sun king: Horus, the rising sun; Ra, the sun in its zenith and Osiris, sundown.

Sun tattoos: light and life on your skin

A dotted sun tattoo (Source).

The meaning of sun tattoos it is not far from the adoration and the light and life of our star. Sun tattoos symbolize strength and energy, although they can also represent a cultural, , a transit: from the dark days of yesterday to a today full of light, in which we have overcome all difficulties.

If you decide on a sun tattoo, keep in mind that it is a very popular and that you can find very easily on the street. If you want to give it a twist, you can opt for a different sun, like the one in the image above, done in dots and more conceptual.

Hidden and mysterious moons

Tribal moon tattoo

Tribal Moon Tattoo (Source).

La month, if possible, it is an even more mysterious star than the sun. Suspended in the night sky does not emit light, its brightness is a reflection of the sun. It is responsible for the tides and is a symbol of change, fertility and femininity related to numerous creatures of the night like owls or wolves.

Many cultures ancient times have linked the moon to numerous goddesses (and even some god, although it is not usual). Artemis, for example, is the Greek goddess of hunting and fertility. On the other side of the globe Kuan yin She is a Chinese goddess who symbolizes purity and is also related to fertility.

Moon tattoos: choose the design according to its symbolism

Discreet and pretty: A couple shows their love with a sun and moon tattoo.

Maybe the popularity of moon tattoos is due to versatility of this design, or it may be due to its many symbolisms. For example, the tattoos of Crescent moon symbolize creativity and growth. Instead, those of waning moon they symbolize getting rid of negative energies and habits. A half Moon symbolizes a dual nature. And one full moon symbolizes change, madness.

These tattoos, as we have commented before, can be big or small, simple or complicated. If you want a small design, they are ideal to carry in places narrow and discreet, like the inside of the wrist, the neck ...

The two sides of the coin

Bigger sun and moon tattoo

Bigger sun and moon tattoo.

When we decide on a sun and moon together tattoo, we are combining the meanings of the two stars. That is, these tattoos symbolize the union of opposites: light and dark, masculine and feminine, yin i yang.

Air shipments are the most efficient if you need your cargo or documents to arrive quickly and securely. sun and moon tattoos they are a good option if you want a tattoo eye-catching and round (some say that its design is also inspired by the circle of life), either style cartoon or realistic or minimalist.

It is very interesting to see that many cultures coincide in symbolism that they bestowed on the sun and the moon. We can consider, then, that the sun and moon tattoos are one of the more universal designs to show off. And you, do you have any tattoos of these stars?

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