Vegeta tattoos to have the super Saiyan on your skin

Vegeta prepares to attack


Vegeta tattoos feature the prince of the Saiyans, the space super warriors, an icon of manga and anime that over time has not only found its way into rap songs, memes and even into our hearts, but also, of course, into the world of tattoos.

Today we will talk about Vegeta tattoos: first of all we will see who was this fascinating evil warrior turned antihero (if someone doesn't know it yet), some curiosities and, of course, the best tattoos inspired by this character. And, in case you want more, do not forget to take a look at this other article about Dragon Ball Inspired Tattoos.

Who is Vegeta?

A Vegeta with blue hair


Vegeta's story in both the manga and anime of Dragon ball it is long and intense. The character evolves from villain to anti-hero, possibly one of the reasons why he has become so popular: there is nothing we love more than a flawed character.

Black and white style Vegeta tattoo


Vegeta arrives on earth looking for the dragon balls to achieve immortality. Along the way, he confronts and kills Yamcha, Piccolo, and Goku's other friends, which naturally makes Goku go on a rampage, confront Vegeta, and win. Vegeta, who constantly gives the others a hard time saying that he is a prince, that he is super strong and that he is the chubby, he doesn't take very well that what he considers a second class Saiyan has left him in the dust.

Vegeta in his Majin form accompanied by a dragon bona


Things in life, and as is classic in this type of fiction, the appearance of stronger threats such as Cell or Frieza causes Goku and Vegeta, previously deadly enemies, to have to join forces to defeat the forces of evil. And the truth is that in the end they end up being super friends, and Vegeta even marries Bulma and they have a son they will call Trunks.

Vegeta Curiosities

Vegeta tattoo on the arm


Since his first appearance in 1988, and partly thanks to the character's popularity, Vegeta has given rise to numerous curiosities, the delight of any fan that is worth For example:

  • At first, in the anime, Vegeta's outfit and appearance were radically different: instead of having dark hair and a blue suit, he was brown and with navy blue, orange and green armor.
Very adorable big-headed Vegeta


  • And speaking of armor: rumors say that Killmonger's costume appearing in Black Panther It is based on Vegeta's… And it is that Michael B. Jordan, the actor who plays him, is a fan of the series!
A possessed Vegeta


  • It's Over 9000!… but, in fact, there were only 8000: the most famous meme on the Internet, which shows Vegeta breaking his communicator when seeing Goku breaking the corduroy with his power level, is actually a mistranslation of the American dubbing: in Japanese and in most other languages, Goku "only" reaches 8000 power points.
Full color Vegeta tattoo with a lot of movement


  • Toriyama doesn't like Vegeta. In an interview, the creator of Dragon Ball said that Vegeta was one of his least favorite characters (apparently he based himself on the worst qualities of the human race to create him), but that he found it very useful to have him on hand... By the way, his Favorites are Goku and Piccolo.
Impressive "Dragon ball" tattoo that occupies the entire arm


  • Finally, Vegeta, to be a super Saiyan, is quite short, only measures 167 cm, much less than Goku or Son Gohan (when he is an adult, of course). Although the truth is that his height varies a lot during the series, since he sometimes seems the same height as Bulma and other times much taller.

How to take advantage of Vegeta tattoos

Vegeta's fearsome monkey form


Vegeta is a great inspiration to get a tattoo. Although it does not have a specific meaning, the character will be based on nostalgia and our favorite way, so it is a good idea to take into account a series of recommendations:

choose your vegeta

A simple tattoo of Vegeta and Goku


No, we haven't stopped talking about Vegeta tattoos to talk about Pokémon tattoos: Vegeta has many forms and evolutions (the only thing that doesn't change is his hair, as he says at one point in the anime, "the hair of a pure Saiyan remains the same since birth"): from his usual way, with dark hair and a blue suit, to the form of a super warrior with yellow hair and (even more) on point, or even the fusion that he experiences with Goku thanks to his powers and magical earrings, resulting in the invincible Vegetto.

Play with color

The giggle believed and the color blue are attributes of Vegeta


Vegeta tattoos are very cool in black and white, it is true, since with good shading they give a sense of seriousness (something that Vegeta does not lack), however, a tattoo based on a manga and anime series cries out for a color treatment. Base it as faithfully as you can on the series or the manga or give it a more original twist with other colors: the important thing is that they are bright and striking, and that the tattoo artist knows how to convey the spirit of the character.

Choose a good tattoo artist

A very real Vegeta


Finally, It is highly recommended that you choose a tattoo artist who is an expert in this type of tattoo.: You will need someone who not only knows how to handle color and copy Toriyama's style well, but who also knows how to take advantage of what you want and that the tattoo does not simply remain a copy of a pose seen a thousand times in the anime. To do this, there are real experts who will listen to you and transform your idea into what you want.

Vegetto, the combined form of Vegeta and Goku


Vegeta tattoos are based on one of the most mythical characters de Dragon Ball, and one of those that can give more play in a tattoo. Tell us, what do you think of Vegeta? Do you like him as a character or do you prefer Goku? Do you have any tattoos of him?

Photos of Vegeta tattoos

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