Naruto tattoos

Naruto is without a doubt one of the most popular and watched series in history when it comes to Japanese animation.

Old school clown

Old school clown tattoos

We show you ideas and inspirations in old school style tattoos with clown characters, which have different meanings.

Witch tattoo

Halloween Tattoos: Witches

We give you some ideas of witch tattoos for the Halloween holiday. A character who always has great interest.

Stark Tattoo

Stark tattoos, winter is here

Stark tattoos are a way to show your love for a mythical series that is coming to an end very soon ... Read on and you will see!

Movie tattoos for couples

Movie tattoos for couples are very cool and they look great if you choose a good design. Read this article if you want to be inspired!

Hello Kitty tattoo

Hello Kitty tattoos

We give you endless ideas to get tattoos inspired by the Japanese cat Hello Kitty, a very popular and beloved character.

Catrina tattoo

Catrina tattoos

The Mexican Catrina is a popular character that has become fashionable and is used for many tattoos characterized by women.

Frida Khalo tattoos

Frida Khalo Inspired Tattoos

Discover the best ideas to get a tattoo inspired by the character of Frida Khalo, a Mexican artist who has become a symbol.

Marilyn Monroe person tattoo

Very realistic people tattoos

Are you thinking of getting tattoos of people in a very realistic style? Then do not miss this article where we will give you some ideas and tips!

Sailor sailor tattoo

Sailor tattoos ... literally!

Sailor tattoos with men and women in the old school or pin-up style, some interesting and original tattoos to show your love for the sea. Keep reading!

Mario and Luigi

Mario tattoos, it's-a me, Mario!

Get inspired by Mario tattoos if you want to have a design of the most famous plumber on your skin. Read this post for inspiration!

Batman Tattoo

Batman, bat man tattoos

Discover tips to get Batman tattoos: choose the design (Joker, Harley Quinn, Batman ...) and the tattoo artist correctly!

Mickey and Minnie Mouse tattoos

What do you think of mouse tattoos? And what do you think of Mickey and Minnie tattoos? We discovered the best designs of this couple.

Grim Reaper Tattoos

Tattooing the reaper can be a difficult decision but if you do, I am sure you will be delighted with the result.

sinister clown tattoo

Sinister clown tattoos

There are sinister clowns like tattoo designs that many people choose to get tattooed on. Do you want to see some images?

clown tattoo

Clown tattoos

Clown tattoos can be a good tattoo or a totally scary tattoo, what do you say?