Dwayne Johnson Tattoos

What is the rock tattoo

Find out what the rock tattoo is and all that it encompasses. Symbols with great meaning that encompass his entire life and ancestors.

Hourglass tattoos

Hourglass tattoos never go out of style thanks to their symbolism and all that it can mean to you. It can also be an original tattoo.

Elephant tattoos

The meaning of elephant tattoos

Elephants are majestic animals with great symbolism thanks to their real characteristics. Discover the meaning of an elephant tattoo.

Japanese tiger tattoos

Japanese tiger tattoos are peculiar for their design and also in demand for their symbolism. Would you like a Japanese tiger tattoo?

Tiger tattoos

Tiger tattoos on arm

Tiger tattoos are highly demanded tattoos thanks to their beauty and symbolism. If there is a suitable place to tattoo it, it is the arm.

templar cross tattoos

Templar crosses tattoos

Templar crosses are crosses with a lot of history and meaning, that is why many people decide to tattoo them as a symbol of bravery.


What tattoos does Yuya have

Do you know what tattoos Yuya has? The most famous Youtuber shows some of them in each of her tutorials. So, today we review!

cross tattoos on back

Cross tattoos on the back

Cross tattoos on the back are eye-catching tattoos that are often liked by both those who wear it and those who observe it.

Meaning of cross tattoos

There are many people who decide to have cross tattoos on their body, both women and men. Meanings can ...

cross tattoos for men

Cross tattoos for men

Cross tattoos are highly demanded tattoos that can have many meanings depending on the person wearing it on their skin.

tribal lion tattoo

Tribal lion tattoos

Tribal lion tattoos are ideal tattoos for men and women for all that they convey. It is a tattoo with strength that will not disappoint you.

Tribal tattoos for women

Tribal tattoos for women

If you are a woman and you like tribal tattoos, you can also get one. What matters is that you feel comfortable with your tattoo.

Tattoos for women in the pubis

Tattoos on the pubis for women

Discover tattoos on the pubis for women. As many the most demanded designs as the answers to those questions that haunt your head.

Tattoo pain

Factors that influence tattoo pain

The pain of tattoos is very relative since it varies according to the person and the place of the body that is being tattooed. We talk about the influencing factors.

tribal dragon tattoo

Tribal dragon tattoos

Tribal dragon tattoos are a great option thanks to their beauty and symbolism for tattoos of both men and women.

Meaning of wolf tattoos

Wolf tattoos are elegant designs with great symbolism. A wolf tattoo can represent very important aspects of your life.

fairy tattoos

Fairy tattoos for women

Fairy tattoos are ideal for many people, but above all, it is women who decide more for this type of tattoos.

The originality of gothic tattoos

Gothic tattoos are a great representation of the culture of this style. Tattoos of skulls, crosses or vampires among many other symbols

small heart tattoos

Small Heart Tattoos

Small heart tattoos are an excellent idea to elegantly and discreetly express love on your skin.

oriental dragon

Oriental dragon tattoos

Oriental dragon tattoos are a good tattoo option for many people, both for their beauty and for their symbolism.

dragon chest tattoos

Color dragon tattoos

If you want a tattoo of a dragon in color, it will undoubtedly be a good option. A dragon tattoo conveys strength and power in life.

3d dragon tattoo

3D dragon tattoos

3D dragon tattoos are a great idea to get a good tattoo that also makes an impact just by looking at it.


My tattoo itches, is it normal?

My tattoo itches is something we hear frequently after getting one. It is normal? How do you cure a tattoo? Come in and find out!

dragon tattoos on shoulder

Japanese dragon tattoos

If you like Japanese dragon tattoos, then you may be thinking of getting one on your body. Yes of course!

dragon tattoos on arm

Dragon tattoos on arm

Dragon tattoos are great for anyone who likes these creatures. But is the arm the best place to get this tattoo?

anchor tattoos women

Anchor tattoos on arm

Anchor tattoos are a great idea for a tattoo, but even better if you want to get it on your arm. It will be seen more.

tattoos and motor

Tattoos for motor lovers

If you are one of those who gets excited by the smell of gasoline, here we present several ideas for your next tattoo related to the world of motoring

anchor wrist tattoo

Anchor tattoos on the wrist

Anchor tattoos are quite common tattoos thanks to the meaning they have and because visually it is very attractive as well.

anchor tattoos women

Anchor tattoos for women

Anchor tattoos are great for both men and women, but is it really a good option for the female sex?

initials tattoo

Initial tattoos

If you like letters, it may be a good idea to get the initial of someone you like or who makes you feel good. The initials look good.

Nurse tattoos

Nurse tattoos: a pin-up icon

Compilation of tattoos of nurses in old school style and of a «pin-up» character. A suggestive, sensual and smiling tattoo. An icon.

Gothic letters

Gothic letter tattoos

If you like Gothic lettering, you may be contemplating getting a tattoo with this type of writing.


Phoenix Bird Tattoos

The tattoos of a Phoenix bird are among the most significant that we can find. All of us once, from a ...

cursive letters

Cursive letters tattoos

There are many people who like calligraphy and good spelling, for this reason they decide to tattoo words that ...

chinese letters tattoos

Chinese letter tattoos

Chinese letter tattoos are really pretty and can look very attractive, but make sure you know what they mean.

skull tattoos

Pirate skull tattoos

If you like pirate skull tattoos, then do not hesitate to think about the design that attracts you the most to capture it on your skin.

mexican skull tattoos

Mexican skull tattoos

Mexican skull tattoos are increasingly popular thanks to the meaning they have and also have a very attractive design.

Small crown tattoos

If you want to get a crown tattoo but don't want it to be too flashy, then feel free to get a small crown tattoo.

guitar tattoos

Guitar tattoos

If you are one of those who carry music inside ... Let it be seen! Ideas for tattoos related to guitars, guitarists and music in general.

indian feather tattoos

Indian feather tattoos

The Indian feather tattoo is a tattoo in high demand for many thanks not only to its meaning, but also to its beauty.

Barcelona Expo Tattoo

Barcelona Tattoo Expo and BAUM Festival

If you missed the 19th edition of the Barcelona Tattoo Expo '16 we will tell you all about these days where ink, fashion, motor, art and sport have come together.


Elvish lettering tattoos

If you plan to get a tattoo and you are a fan of the Tolkien world, we show you some tattoos with elven letters so that you can choose the one that best suits you

Copying tattoos is not okay

Copying tattoos is not okay

Reflection on how damaging copying tattoos is for tattoo art. Many "tattoo artists" continue to copy the designs of other artists.

What do zebra tattoos mean?

Zebras are not only beautiful animals, but they are loaded with symbolism. Put this symbolism on your skin with zebra tattoos.

Tattoo programs you don't want to miss

If you are sitting without knowing what to watch, you may be interested in the episodes of these two shows about tattoos that will not leave you indifferent.

hawaiian flower

Hawaiian flower tattoos

If you like flower tattoos but want to have a special flower on your skin, then you can choose to make a Hawaiian flower tattoo.

Dalí's soft watch tattoos

Da Vinci, Picasso, Goya ... There are many painters who have filled our art world. Click here to see Dalí's soft watch tattoos.

rose and rosary tattoos

Rose tattoos with rosaries

There are people who tattoo roses with rosaries in order to express their faith or spirituality on their skin, although it can also have more meanings.

Meet the Guinness Records on tattoos

Do you like tattoos? That's what the people who have achieved these Guinness records said. Do you know who is the most tattooed person? Tatuantes other.

Demi Lovato's new tattoo

This is Demi Lovato's new tattoo

We show you Demi Lovato's new tattoo. The well-known singer and actress has got a cheerful tattoo on one of the fingers of her hand.

Lauren winzer

Meeting Tattooists: Lauren Winzer

Lauren Winzer is a well-known tattoo artist from Sydney (Australia). We introduce you to his tattoo style and we show you some of his work.

rose tattoos on foot

Rose tattoos on the foot

Rose tattoos on the foot are ideal tattoos for both men and women, and they will always look great.

rose tattoo arm man

Rose tattoos for men

Rose tattoos don't have to be women-only things, far from it! Men also know how to wear them very well.

Cross tattoos, Egyptian life

The Egyptians communicated through symbols that represented ideas. Enter and discover the tattoos of one of them, the threaded cross.

Preparing to get a tattoo

How to prepare to get a tattoo

If you want to know how to prepare to get a tattoo, and even more so if it is the first, we recommend that you read all these tips.

Eye tattoos: tattoos of the soul

The eyes are the mirror of the soul, the maximum way to express feelings. Why not turning it into a tattoo? Enter and discover eye tattoos.

tattoos of hearts and roses

Heart tattoos with roses

Heart and rose tattoos can mean different things depending on your life, but they will always come out as a pretty design.

blue rose tattoo

Blue rose tattoos

Rose tattoos are great for both men and women. Blue rose tattoos have a special meaning.

Funny tattoos

If you want to get one of the so-called funny tattoos, you should know well what you do and that you like it without regretting it later.

Mickey and Minnie Mouse tattoos

What do you think of mouse tattoos? And what do you think of Mickey and Minnie tattoos? We discovered the best designs of this couple.

The tattoos of the Spanish team

The world of football also knows tattoos. Enter here and discover the most famous tattoos of the Spanish team. Ramos, Fàbregas, Isco ...

Tattoos in summer

Tattoo in summer, do not be afraid!

Tattooing in the summer may seem like a bad idea. In this article we explain all the risks and inconveniences of getting a tattoo at this time of year.

tattoos couple moving forward

Tattoos to keep moving forward

Tattoos can help you move forward, mark a before and after in life. Remember that the end of a stage can be a new beginning.

rose tattoos on arm

Rose tattoos on arm

Arm tattoos are quite common in both men and women, but rose tattoos are also a good tattoo option.

wings tattoos

Wings tattoos

Wing tattoos are quite popular among people but you need to know what they mean to know if it is a design for you or not.

Beware of certain tattoos

The moment of getting the tattoo is a very important moment that will mark your skin forever. So you have to make sure you don't make mistakes.

Love tattoos for couples

Love tattoos is a good idea for a couple to show what they love each other, but it is necessary to keep a few things in mind.

Italian Phrase Tattoos

Italian Phrase Tattoos

Italian phrase tattoos have a special charm that will make your tattoo look beautiful just by looking at it. Don't miss some examples.